A Warm Touch, A Beneficial Act

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A Warm Touch, A Beneficial ActThere are innumerable medical facts that support the importance of touch, but it has its place. When your child has a fever, for instance, touch isn’t enough to diagnose the problem; you need an accurate forehead thermometer(http://www.amazon.com/Infrared-Thermometer-Non-Contact-Forehead-Pediatric/dp/B015W3OX2U). Other than that, touch can be very important and powerful for babies. A parent’s touch on their baby’s body is an expression of communication for both parties.

Understanding the importance of touch when it comes to human development is essential. A group of researchers used a series of tests and verification procedures to prove the theory that touching can really boost a baby’s immune system. It turns out that touch can provide the baby with soothing comfort from the adjustments they’re going through. Babies feel secure when their parent or caregiver is giving them a gentle massage.

Touch therapy can alleviate symptoms of chronic diseases in children and can give children the chance to live a more normal life. In utero, babies are stimulated by pressure from their surroundings. This is something that all babies, especially prematurely born infants, lack on the outside. Preemies have a hard time adjusting to the temperature outside of their mother’s tummy. Touch therapy can help give preemies the warmth they need.

Pediatricians recommend that parents monitor their baby’s body temperature, especially when they’re born prematurely. An accurate and easy to use thermometer is good for monitoring body temperature. It uses infrared to scan the temperature of the temporal arteries in the forehead.

According to a recent study, the body of a premature baby needs to experience controlled stimulation or touch therapy to help the child grow and develop. It’s also said that babies who receive daily massages gain more weight and recover better than babies who don’t.

Touch therapy offers a number of benefits for newborn children, including:

  • Promoting the wellness of the newborn
  • Enhancing the bonding process between baby and parent
  • Accelerating the recovery time from the normal rigors of birth trauma and/or difficult, prolonged labor
  • Helping to soothe teething discomfort
  • Optimizing growth and development, especially for babies who were critically ill at birth
  • Minimizing the complications of prematurity and providing loving comfort for babies who are hospitalized and separated from their parents
  • Benefiting the baby from the time of conception
  • Hastening the recovery from medical and surgical procedures

Further studies have shown a strong link between touch and emotional development. One study showed that infants of the Netsilik Inuit tribe of the Canadian Arctic are very calm and cry very little. This is thought to be because they’re constantly carried on their mother’s back and can communicate with them through touch.

In one study done at the Child Development Program at Montreal Children’s Hospital, researchers asked volunteer mothers to carry their babies for at least three hours a day. They then compared the babies’ crying patterns with those of a group who weren’t carried. The babies who were held more cried less. Research on massage in the Philippines has also revealed its positive effects on many functions in infants and children. These findings have led to widespread support of massage therapy in the local pediatric community.

It is said that babies who receive massage in their early childhood establish warm and positive relationships with people as they grow.

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